Heroes of Stridgard

Be the hero who fights against hordes of skeletons, zombies, giants, and many more evil fantasy creatures, anything that threatens the passage to Stridgard!

You can play as five different heroes each with unique abilities that you unlock when you level up. After you kill a creature you will get some experience and gold that can be used to buy potions or new items like weapons, armor and boots, or you can buy income which generates a smaller amount of gold after each wave of enemies.
After each wave, you are rewarded with gems that will be exchanged for runes. You can use up to two runes when you start a match, runes gives you advantage like extra gold, attack, a ally, rare items, and so on.

Usually the passage have five lives (if an enemy enters the passage you lose a life) If the hero dies, you lose gold and experience! The hero will respawn after eight seconds.

Heroes of Stridgard will give you great challenges and is entertaining for a long time! You can publish your score to our online high score!


Combined evolution

Create your own world by combining existing object to get access to more animals and plants for your fantastic world!
Make your own world emerge from the evolutionary beginnings, to a green and living planet.
You start the game with a few basic elements, water, fire, lava, earth. With these you can combine to get new stuff like plants and animals.
Enjoyable for all ages!

Combined evolution gallery

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Combined evolution
The player will start the game with a dead world and just some few basic elements. From this you have to evolve new plants and animals and place them in the world. To do so the player have to combine two of the things that already is in the world and then figure out what them coud evolve to.
Most combinations are like this:
Relative + Food or envirement = Successful combination
Fish + Sand = Lizard
Rat + Clover = Rabbit

Jetpack race

After years of fighting over who made the best jetpack all the scientists agreed to have a race. Who have the best jetpack? There's only one way to find out!
Race through your lab, out on the streets or wherever you end up, your jetpack must prove to be the best!
Let the crash test begin!

Jetpack race gallery

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Build and Complete

How many times have you dropped a meatball on the floor and when you would pick it up, then it's not there? The answer is simple and in this game, the mystery will be solved.
Your task is to help a really tiny spaceman to get a meatball to his spaceship. You do that by using different items that are in his way. Build ramps, stacks, or what might be needed to make it possible to get home.

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Fastest way

The fastest way down from a mountain will always be if you just slip on a rock. Just try to stay alive on your way down...
Your mission in this game is to help a rock climber survive his way down. To do so you have to aim on softer things than solid rock, why not a mountain goat or some bushes? Do you have the skills to be the best and survive the fall better than all the others? Just one way to find out!

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Thiving Shade

In Thieving shade, you play as a thief. Your goal is to take everything of value without being detected by the guards, alarms, cameras, etc...
Many challenging maps that will test your skills to the max!
Do you have what it takes to live in luxury or will your new home be the local prison?
There is only one way to find out, risk everything.