Heroes of stridgard

You are a lone hero with a mission to defend the passage that leads to the city of Stridgard.
Prepare to face the hordes of evil creatures who will try to destroy the town!

Level up to unlock your hero's unique abilities.
Collect gold to buy powerful weapons, armor, boots and magic items!

- More than 30 unique enemies!
- Play as different heroes, each with unique abilities!
- Win powerful runes that will give you great advantage!
- Compare your results with other players through online high score!

Heroes of stridgard 

Heroes of stridgard

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Update history

Version 1.6.1
Crashes caused by creature fixed.

Version 1.6.0
+ New hero, Karen (Druid)
+ New enemy, Dark wizard of terror
+ Balancing of enemies, heroes and items
+ Minor bug fix
- Old saves will not work

Version 1.5.0
+ Fast forward button (x2 speed)
+ Item prices/balance
+ Ability cooldown
+ Max health & mana after wave
+ Balancing Heroes
+ Longer respawn time
+ 10 new runes
+ Minor bug fix

Version 1.0.1
+ All new players start with 900 gems!
+ In game hints and tips
+ Small bug-fix
- Old saves will not work